interior / fixture design

When this up and coming production company requested a design aesthetic in keeping with the experimental and frenetic nature of their business. Vivid color is coupled with steel, glass, plexiglass and plywood. A concrete wall was excavated and exposed. Metal studs with PVC glazing panels serveas partitions for workstations. Low voltage, cable lighting provides subdued illumination. Black linoleum flooring marks the entry and conference spaces. 

Subverting the standard hierarchy, a conference table of steel and glass was designed with unique contours to accommodate various sizes and types of group meetings. Translucent materials allow light to move easily through the office and create an environment where coworkers are visible shadows, rather than isolated individuals behind opaque barriers.

Using a palette of unique colors and materials, Trout Architects/Chartered was able to create functional, individual andcollaborative spaces for this innovative company.